Time to Talk About You...

“When was the last time you truly felt amazing?”“Hmmm... I don’t know, quite some time ago.”
Do you find yourself in reflective moments letting out big sighs of.. Geez my life feels like an unproductive, emotionally untidy… MESS!

How are you going in regards to feeling like a fulfilled and happy human? Before you answer that question consider that the Cambridge dictionary defines fulfilment as "a feeling of happiness because you are doing what you intended to do in life."

And if not – welcome to the well established club of ‘unfulfilled humans’. You will know if you have a gold plus loyalty membership to the ‘unfulfilled club’ if you you are:


• Constantly comparing your health, wealth and relationships to those around you
• Endlessly thirsty for what others have that you don’t
• Constantly putting the needs of others before yourself because that’s ‘just what you do’

All of the above, according to me, so succinctly define the major ingredients of the wonderfully intricate and amazing, yet unfulfilled human. And I have found that these people are typically;

Big hearted humans, constantly feeling the pressure of perfectionism from inside themselves and others, desperately wanting more, yet continuing to live their lives that feel so far what they had imagined on their ‘one day’ list.

And quite easily and unfortunately – if we remain unaware of our membership to this club and forget to end our subscription … our unfulfilled days so easily become weeks…. then months…. then years. And then boom … we are suddenly somewhere very far from where we ‘intended to be’. The exhausting and unsatisfying land of unfulfillment.

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